It’s been a while…
November – The Month of Thanks
I don’t just give thanks during this time of the year but I cannot ever be thankful enough that I am blessed with a family that truly understands my celiac woes and the importance of “safe” food. My sis-in-law is a godsend and turns her kitchen upside down to prepare food for me when we have a family gathering. And I get to go home with leftovers!!!!
As a celiac, we always have to have a backup plan and think about food all the time. Should I eat before I go, should I bring my own food, do I trust the gf dishes that may be served? In the last two years since my gf journey began, I feel like I have food on my mind 24/7. It’s nice to be able to forget about it for a while and just enjoy…
So hats off to those who take the time to really take the necessary steps to feed us!

Celiac Tip: Cross contamination is a big factor in a celiac life.
Those who choose to eat gf aren’t concerned if their food is prepared on the same grill as gluten, fried in the same fat or oil as breaded chicken fingers. But for a celiac these things are just as bad as eating gluten themselves. Many households have separate pots, silverware, toaster is a must!, etc!!