Hello and Welcome to my SpunkyCeliac page.  My name is Christine and I was diagnosed with Celiac in March 2012 (St. Patty’s day as a matter of fact).  For the last 2 years I have been living with  learning and more recently giving support and advocating about Celiac Disease  (and gluten intolerance), which requires a gluten-free lifestyle.   I am a Long Island Lady and gluten-free options are not as prevalent here as they are in other areas of the country

This blog was born because there are so many things in this brain o’ mine and I wanted a place to share what I’ve learned (and will learn) in my 40+ years on this earth.

Although I will primarily be posting about Celiac Disease or living life gluten-free, I will also be posting about life experiences in general because I am so much more than someone with Celiac.  I am a woman, mother, sister, friend…. (and yes Mom I am your daughter too!)

What I hope to accomplish is to educate, advocate and support those who are gluten free (or are just curious).  If I can help just one person I will be happy.

So fingers crossed..lets do this!